Aug 302012

Tired of the frighteningly superficial noise out there? Here’s “American Autumn,” an enthralling and sometimes heartbreaking documentary about the birth of Occupy Wall Street and the critical issues that drive the Occupy movement today. It’s a blunt and thorough reminder that corporate interests rank far higher than those of the people: foreclosure evictions when there are more empty homes than people who need them; people suffering and dying for lack of health care; bankruptcy law that protects banks by banning debt relief for student loans; fracking for oil and natural gas, which cracks the earth and poisons air and water with methane; and much more.

,A disproportionate militarized police force guarded this week’s national Republican convention in Florida, protecting the choreographed political pageant from non-violent protesters using Constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. Too many reporters repeated Orwellian lies instead of (easily) debunking them. It’s almost Occupy Wall Street’s first anniversary. The timing is perfect.

Written, produced and directed by OWS activist, documentary maker, and No Cure For That Productions founder Dennis Trainor Jr.

” … we now have a film of our own. This is not amateur hour.  This is a movie as well made, in technical terms, as any Hollywood blockbuster with Pentagon funding.  But this is a movie with us in it.  I don’t mean our little group of activist friends.  I mean us, the people of this country, our stories, our hardships, our triumphs, our injustices, our tragedies, our humor.  This is radically different from what you’ll see at your local movie theater”.   - David Swanson,

Update Dec. 17, 2012: This film also is available at for whatever you choose to pay for it, starting at $1.

“American Autumn” has been shown at art theaters and selected to appear in at least eight 2012 film festivals: New Filmmakers 2012, New York; Twin Cities Film Fest; Unspoken Human Rights Festival; Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival; Louisville’s International Festival of Film; Orlando Film Festival; Montana Cine International Film Festival; New Hampshire Film Festival.

– Janet Braunstein