Jun 122013
Wasting Water in Detroit

I switched careers suddenly in 2011, not entirely of my own volition. That summer I began doing home health care in Detroit. I am an occupational therapist, and I had been working at the same skilled-nursing center for almost 15 years. I was beginning to think that maybe I would retire from there, after changing jobs every [...]

Apr 262013
Detroit Eviction Defense: Home Owners Fight and Win

On April 25, 2013 the Detroit Eviction Defense coalition reported that three more foreclosures were stopped by courageous home owners who refused to accept the unjust foreclosure of their homes. Proud home owners display the fresh titles to the homes they fought to keep. From the left, Urealdene Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz Valdez, and [...]

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Mar 312013
Eviction Defense: Direct Action for Gregorio Martinez

Mr. Gregorio Martinez was joined by UAW supporters, Detroit Eviction Defense activists, friends and neighbors on March 30, 2013 for an anti-forclosure protest. Martinez advocates met at his home and then marched to the local Chase Bank branch at 7301 Wyoming (at Warren) to protest the Chase foreclosure of Mr. Martinez’s home. Mr. Martinez, a 69 [...]

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Mar 202013
Activists Warn of Return of Fascism In Greece

Two long-time Greek activists spoke recently in Detroit to warn that an extreme and racist political party is reviving Fascism in their country. At an event organized by the First of May Anarchist Alliance, Vangelis Nanos and Thanasis Xirotsopanos described their observations of the Golden Dawn party, which won seats in the Greek parliament in 2012. [...]

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Mar 132013
Eviction Defense: S.Baxter Jones

According to MarketPlace.org, Michigan is 5th in the nation for the percentage of mortgages that are underwater. Of 1,362,525 mortages, 32% are underwater with a combined debt of $162,345,487,149. MarketPlace.org provides an interactive map that displays this data for each state. While the numbers tell the extent of the problem, they do not describe the [...]

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Mar 102013
Detroit Eviction Defense Delivers Message to Metro Property Management

Angry neighbors, concerned citizens and community-support marched Saturday on the sidewalk in front of Metro Property Management, LLC, at 10641 Joy Road in Detroit, to protest the eviction of Urealdene Henderson. Ms. Henderson, who has lived in her paid-off home for more than  36 years, faces eviction because the Wayne County Treasurer’s office mistakenly sold [...]

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Mar 062013
The Philadelphia Experiment: How the Quakers support Occupy

In a previous post titled “The Philadelphia Experiment“, I provided my experiences from the Occupy National Gathering in Philedelphia last summer. But there was an underlying story that involved an unexpected friend, the Quakers.  I will have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the Quakers support for the Occupy Movement, but it was a welcome [...]

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Nov 072012
Mr. President, Dump Edward Demarco

Why Barack Obama didn’t get rid of Edward DeMarco when the guy went rogue remains a bit of a puzzle. The acting director of the agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a Bush administration hold-over who got the job when Bush’s actual director resigned. Under DeMarco’s tenure as temporary head of the Federal [...]